Who Are They…. Do we really “KNOW”

They love you when you fall for their fake.

When you drop gems and speak truth, they skate.

Real eyes recognize Real lies.

They try real hard to be so normal.

But normally, they never try hard to BE REAL.

(I guess all of this depends on one’s perception of FAKE, TRUTH, REAL, LIES)

So, how do We really “know”?

How can We truly determine any of these things? Especially if everything we thought and were told to be TRUE is a LIE, and everything we thought and were told to be a LIE is TRUE.

This thought came up in my mind one day. What is a DAY? Is it really what we all have believed? What if a DAY was actually a YEAR? Would that change in perception change the way we live our lives?

So, what in the Hell do we really know? How would we know our “knowing” is right?

I ponder these things. No choice is right or wrong….. Hmmm? That confuses me because many people make many choices in this world. Some we say it’s a wrong or bad choice, and some we say is a right or good choice.

For instance, the ones that lay the smackdown on others or steal from others…. it is a choice, but is that choice a right or wrong, good or bad choice? If I were to state that those things are wrong or bad, am I then being judgemental or speaking a truth of my “knowing”? Or is our knowing simply a perspective of our perception?

So many thoughts and questions. Will the Universe give a transparent answer? I wonder. 🤔


Your Versatile Multidimensional Nerd with Lyrical Poetic Spiritual Swag.

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