Personal Journey

I’ve come to the understanding in this life journey that EVERYONE has their own path.

No matter what they are or aren’t doing. What they are saying or not saying. It’s their CHOICE, it’s their path…. Not yours. So, however they decide to journey there is for themselves, wherever “there” is, no one knows another’s journey or destination. My experience may look different from another’s experience.

Example: if I and another person traveled the same forest and same road at different times or at the same time. I may experience things much differently than the other and vice versa. So, we are ALL in the forest on the same road, at different times or the same time, which will present different experiences to that individual being. No one is better than the other because of what they may or may not have experienced or learned.

We are Spiritual beings just having a human experience, no matter what that experience or path may look like to you or another. We are constantly learning. What we are here to learn and how we are to learn it becomes clearer for each individual within time, whatever and whenever that may be is one’s own self journey to understand.

No one is perfect. That’s why I enjoy being and doing whatever feels good and positive, no matter how perfect or imperfect it may look to another. We are ALL mirror reflections of each other. Everything you see or experience on the outside of yourself is a projection from within You.

Let’s ALL try to be encouraging and loving to one another. We are ALL doing the best we can with the tools we have in this present moment.



Your Versatile Multidimensional Nerd with Lyrical Poetic Spiritual Swag.

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